Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Detoxify Your Body & Soul with 'Daily Needs' Customised Programs

No more useless detox drinks that have no result now that we've found our Daily Needs.

Scene Eats

For all you detoxers out there, we’ve got the perfect plug for your future detox waters and juices. Daily Needs (yup, that’s their name) offers a wide variety of sugarless, low sugar, and detox water and juices. But, the best thing about them is that they can customise an entire program just for you. 


“What makes us different from other detox brands is that our water’s level has the perfect acidity level which allows the water to absorb all the vitamins you need,” said Mohamed Saeid, founder at Daily Needs, to SceneEats. “Most detox waters go bad within a day or two but our water lasts six days without losing quality or flavour.” 


While Daily Needs is known for their detox waters, they offer a wide range of fresh juices like pink lemonade, aloe vera and carrot orange. 

While they don’t have a physical store just yet, you can order these robust juices and detox waters through their website or just slide into their DMs. It’s that easy.


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