Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Egypt Exported Fruit Worth $44 Million in February 2020

This whopping value for fresh fruit exports, demonstrates a 65.3% increase since 2019.

Staff Writer

In the spirit of good news – a refreshing change amidst current events – reports have revealed that Egypt’s fresh fruit export in February 2020 amounted to a whopping $44 million. Yep, you read that correctly. According to CAPMAS, this significant statistic demonstrates a 65.3% increase in fruit exports recorded in February of last year, which were valued at $26.9 million.

Export values for commodities such as pasta increased by 11.4% since last year; worth $67.8 million in February 2020 after being worth $60.8 million in February of last year. In addition, the value of frozen veggies also significantly increased since last year, demonstrating a value of $17.2 million in February 2020 compared to $13.7 million in February 2019.


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