Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Kings Garden Are Serving Matcha Green Tea Realness, and We’re Here for It

Kings Garden is the self-proclaimed first Egyptian brand dedicated to that matcha life.

Staff Writer

You can now embrace your inner Instagram vlogger babe self with Kings Garden, who are one hundo percent dedicated the wonderfulness that is matcha green tea. Listen up, kids, cause this is detailed. The brand offer 100% pure matcha tea, of both Japanese and Chinese origins. The Chinese green tea is available in Culinary grade (for smoothies, shakes and bakes), Premium (slightly finer than Culinary) and Ceremonial (which you can drink straight). For Japanese matcha, however, only the Culinary grade is available.
The brand also sell wooden whisks, which you can find on their page to ensure that your pots and bowls don’t get scratched.
To make an order, you can DM them on Instagram.


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