Our current daily routine goes something like this: long, endless days at home pushed along only by the blessing of streamable series, followed by an extended Instagram stalking session, both of which are only punctuated by repeated and continuous eating. Because in these trying times, the only form of pleasure we can indulge in is food. 

Food really is our only friend, which is probably why the deliverymen call our phone more than our own moms. Sad, but true. So true. But in our world, where ordering food is practically sport, we can’t forget the real reason why we’ve been homebound in the first place, and living with the constant worry of whether the threat of COVID-19 lurks within the plastic-wrapped delivery order we so impatiently anticipate. Corona, is that you?

But now you can breathe a deep sigh of relief, fellow foodies; Ellmenus, along with letting us avoid actually dialing the phone and engaging in unnecessary socialization, is now identifying the restaurants on its platform with accurate hygiene protocols. 

The next time you click on your fave takeaway spot, a green label should appear that will tell you that this place is good to go (otherwise, please run for your life). Through phone calls and on-ground site checks, Elmenus looks for things like wearing gloves, continuous sanitization, and other such nifty methods of not further spreading a global pandemic. After all, we haven’t been going through a litre of hand sanitizer a day just for one odd meal to get the better of us.  Stay safe kids, stay clean.