Every once in a while, an online dessert shop pops up on our Instagram feed with the most mouthwatering aestheticised pastries we’ve ever seen. After a few hours, days or weeks of going through old posts, liking then unliking and contemplating unfollowing (a process otherwise known as the Instagram crush life cycle), we finally slide into the DMs. More often than not - in the midst of our emotional turmoil - we’re let down by donut-shaped bread loaves and stale cookies; ones that leave us high and dry and wondering what makes a bakery survive the test of the catfish. 

Fati’s is the story of a love story brought to life; a flurry of passion and perseverance blended together to create the perfect-consistency donut. At just 13 years old, Fati’s adventures in the kitchen began as a wide-eyed child following her mum around the kitchen. She would help out in preparing the desserts at gatherings, beginning at everyone’s favourite single-server - cupcakes. Initially guided by her mother, Fati soon began to develop (through seemingly endless trial and error) her own skills in the kitchen, “I can’t begin to tell you how many times I burnt a few batches or added salt instead of sugar,” Fati tells @SceneEats. “The whole experience was honestly disastrous.”

However, driven by an endless pit of love for the art of baking, the little baker persevered, getting better and better over the years. She even began selling her goodies at school in the 8th grade (garage tech entrepreneurs got nothing on this one). With a love that grew exponentially the more she baked, Fati was at a crossroads with college applications. She realised there was nothing she’d rather do and, with the help of her parents, began preparing for culinary school. “All I could see myself doing for the rest of my life is baking. I loved how the process of just adding a few ingredients could turn into the most mouth-watering and sensational thing anyone could ever taste. I love seeing people’s reactions when they try out my products, and the joy they bought them.”

After two years of a Canadian bakery and pastry program, hardened by the experience of working in a donut shop alongside her education, Fati’s return to Egypt kickstarted her delivery-based bakery. Forever a donut fan, “I was very interested in how one simple dough could create infinite donut flavours,” explains the baker. At the end of the day, Fati’s is more than a dessert shop; it’s a growing family.

As Fati continues to expand and develop more recipes, the shop is sure to experience more success. “I hope to own my own shop - this is what I’m working towards right now,” she dreams, “I want to wake up each day, get to my store and bake. I want to serve people and I want to keep seeing the joy on people’s faces when they try out my products. I want to give people an unforgettable experience, and I want them to keep coming back for more.”

True to form, Fati’s is now a donut heaven, among other things. Besides having a genuinely show stopping display of every flavour imaginable, including Middle Eastern dessert-based ones (Karkade donuts, anyone?), the store has a delicious selection of tres-leches jars, and churros that demand attention. Regular, stuffed, mini, and cinnamon roll, Fati’s creates a wondrous contemporary twist on the classic dessert. Oh, and if you’ve got a birthday coming up soon, be sure to give their birthday box a try for a delicious spelling bee extravaganza.