Who knew making chocolate involves so many specifications and attention to detail. Here we are, thinking you just melt chocolate and put it into a silicone tray. We were so wrong (JK, we know the process of making chocolate is complicated af). Fleur Chocolates started all the way in Belgium, aka the capital of chocolate anything and everything, where founder Basma Farhat went to study how to make, well, chocolate.

She opened her fine chocolate online business with the intention of spreading happiness, healing energy and positivity in the crafting of each and every piece of chocolate. Aside from using top notch and super high grade cocoa powder nuts, chocolate isn’t all about taste. 

She adds a classy artistic touch to her chocolate because people like to see and look at the chocolate before eating it, so she’s gotta make it look pretty as well as tasteful. Her unique flavours come from many failed mixing and matching of different flavours until a couple mixes go good together. Fleur's goal is to make chocolate more than just regular chocolate that you just stuff your face with. She makes it as a delicacy as she wants to make chocolate available in every shape, flavour, form and colour.

If you thought it couldn’t get any more flawless, Farhat uses special made gloves for the making of chocolate to ensure that the shininess of the chocolate is maintained throughout the whole process. Perfect chocolate has to be shiny and absolutely make that delicious ASMR sound when you bite into it.

Order your fancy chocolate through her Instagram.