A new bakery has opened its doors at every corner of Cairo...not literally but we wish! Bakery Corner Patisserie has literally every dessert you can think of from A to Z. From basbousa to goulash and konafa and traditional Egyptian desserts that are drenched in different kinds of sugary nuts, Bakery Corner has got the goods. Made fresh and daily with the finest ingredients, their aim is to share happiness with you and your loved ones through their desserts and bakery items.  

Starting with their cakes, you can customise any shape, size or colour cake for literally any event. Their tarts are made with specialised pastry chefs who pay attention to every single detail -- entailing the start to finish of the tart. The key to them is to make their desserts a tad bit less sweet so you can actually taste each and every flavour and ingredient in each dessert- no time for sugar to cover up the real taste. We sure love the confidence!

To go above and beyond, Bakery Corner has a breakfast and coffee corner in their stores serving freshly baked breakfast goods that pair perfectly with your morning coffee. We know you’re craving dessert rn. Good thing they have locations all throughout Egypt!