Seeing as we’re all getting a little bit more feral every week, the urge to passionately dive into a meal hands-first and teeth second is not a surprising occurrence - and definitely not an impulse to be inhibited. New Cairo’s Piraso, Egypt’s newest seafood boil hotspot, does not shy away from insanity with masterfully directed seafood dishes for everyone. 

Instead of the usual ridiculously-proportioned plate, Piraso channels their inner Picasso to create utterly beautiful, fully-fledged seafood spreads. Stranded in a sea of balancing white rice, Piraso supplements delicious mixes of seafood boils with a variety of spices and sauces, providing an explosion of colour and flavour amidst the sea of white.

Truly channelling the cathartic experience of uninhibitedly digging into such a feast, Piraso gets you strapped up and in protection first hand, with a kiss-the-chef style apron that may or may not cause the Sound of Music soundtrack to automatically play in your head. Whilst definitely catering to the more experiential eaters, Piraso has not forgotten about our resident chicken-strips-enjoyers.

You can indulge in your choice of subtler seafood, from the fried popcorn shrimp with fries, to the elite experience of Piraso’s zesty salmon. Or you could always go with the restaurant’s mascot; a couple of crabs to tone down your hanger-induced snappiness.