Okay so, it's safe to say that this year's Ramadan was very, very different -- consequently, Eid is going to be just as different. With Corona running amok outside our houses, no one has time to browse the streets, or even online shops, for the one thing that matters most during this time: ka7k. 

With everyone social distancing and minimising human interaction, the Eid we all know sadly ceased to exist. This is where La Poire comes in to save the season. One of the many things that make ka7k stand out from other ka7k is the ghee that screams Egyptian. La Poire makes them using 100% Egyptian ghee; this means that whether you're shacked up alone in the house with no family, you'll still have that taste of home right there with you, in your belly to be specific. 

But it’s more than just the ghee, it’s about how they have all kinds of ka7k -- from plain to ones filled with agwa, pistachios, malban and so much more. They also offer two Eid boxes, a small one that can be fab for a best friend and a much, much larger one that will be more than enough gift for a family. Apart from ka7k, they also obvi have other options like ghorayeba, petit four and other iconic desserts to fill your Eid kersh to the maximum.

To put it shortly, if you're in doubt this ka7k season, look no further than La Poire because that's what we're doing tbh.

Head to their Facebook or Instagram for more info and how to get your Eid game on.