Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Loay Is the Cutie Patootie Husband-Wife Online Bakery That's All About Cookies

Get ready to embrace your inner cookie monster!

Staff Writer

Their story is simple. It all started when Loay ElEtreby and Nahda Badr, a married Egyptian couple who used to live in Dubai, found out accidentally that they were both baking stans whilst living abroad -- baking cookies, to be exact. When they moved back to Egypt, they decided to continue doing what they did in Dubai...except they wanted to take it to the next level, which is when Loay's Bakery came to be.

The online bakery specialises in, you guessed it, cookies and melted dough. Their cookies are almost all chewy and are baked by the order. They make Lindt milk chocolate chip, Lotus, Kinder, Belgian dark chocolate and Nutella cookies. All made with simple ingredients and adding their own touch with their secret ingredient (they won’t tell us what it is). If you’re hosting a party, they have a super adorbz five-flavour batch that has, well, all five of their cookies. 

Now for their melted dough, this is where things get more fire emoji. Imagine a large bunch of gooey cookies mashed together and are drenched with Lotus paste on top of them. Yup. Exactly that! It is guaranteed to give you a flavourgasm.


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