Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Wasfa Saree’a: Rapid Fire Recipes With PepsiCo Egypt (7UP Kebda)

Because the remedy has always been in the 7UP.

Farida El Shafie

Pepsico Egypt and Scene Eats present ‘Wasfa Saree’a’ - a crunchy new take on cult classic dishes, hosted by chef Marwa Mehanna (Episode Four: 7UP Kebda).

There comes a time in every novice family cook’s life when they attempt to make Kebda. It normally results in takeout - which preferably consists of anything that doesn’t remotely resemble meat - because whatever was just created by those novice hands eradicated any craving for kebda one might’ve had to begin with.

Because the truth of the matter is, flooding said kebda in tahini never masked how undercooked it was. It was never able to circumvent the 20-minute long chewing sessions nor the instant heartburn that crawls its way into your chest. The remedy, dear viewers, has always been in the 7UP. It was always there, in the carbonated, clear and indelibly sweet drink. A tool for swift searing and tender meals, the cult classic drink might just be the remedy to all ensuing kebda disasters.

In this episode of Wasfa Saree’a, PepsiCo Egypt and Scene Eats partnered with chef Marwa Mehanna to showcase her spin on the classic dish and teach us how we can upgrade our kebda Iftars with 7UP.


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