You (and by that we mean we tbh) tend to get used to your favourite things. You just really do. Even if they excite every bone inside you, they become commonplace, whether it’s a favorite pizza topping or ice cream flavour. You can even come to have “the usual” at your favourite restaurant, and that’s exactly why it’s time for you to venture out into the world and find yourself at a dinner party with strangers (that will become friends shortly). This is where The Red Hen Supper Club comes in.

"We believe that the best meals don't happen in restaurants, they happen in homes," the people behind Red Hen explain. "At our establishment, relationships are built, chefs explore their food curiosities and real food is made and served with care." 

What makes this supper club experience more special is not carefully cultivated six-course tasting menu that you'll be able to devour or the opporutnity to ignite a meaning ful conversation with a total stranger, but the fact that Red Hen is situated on a Maadi rooftop that overlooks the gorgeous Mukattam Hill. 

The dinner party might not even be in an eatery. It could be an elegant affair in a forest or a chic gathering in an abandoned music venue. Regardless, it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and regain some youthful energy by trying on these supper clubs and pop-ups for size.

The menu at Red Hen is ever-changing and is inspired by what's fresh and in season. It is also kept a secret until you arrive, which is why they always ask you about any allergies or dietary restrictions when you book your spot. In other words, adventurous foodies better reserve real quick and shoot an email to

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