As the days start getting warmer (it feels like we're in Mordor right now tbh), the ice cream cravings set in. While ice cream is a staple summer treat, we can't overlook its frozen comrade, the popsicle. This nostalgic warm-weather dessert, unfortunately, is a little hard to find in Om El Donia. The good kind at least. This is why we're over the moon by the news of the UAE's Popcity touching down in Sahel. 

Y'all probably think desserts are, like, bad for you and stuff. We're here to tell you otherwise, at least not handcrafted popsicles. They are not the enemy. Why, you ask? Because, believe it or not, they are actually very, very good for you. "All of Popcity's products are healthy, fresh and delicious, obviously," Wissam Mohamed, the man bringing the iconic popsicle joint to the North Coast, tells SceneEats. "Our fruity ice-pops have no added colorants nor any artificial flavours. They are all vegan, and their calories range between 55-90."

Oh, and it gets better because they also use Stevia sugar which means dem popsicles are also keto-friendly, if you're about that life.

They don't have a shop in Cairo yet, however, they are operating in Sahel via delivery. You can hit them up via +2 010 6620 0060.