Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Quick Rolls: Wok & Walk Launches New Range of Frozen Asian Food Products

You win some, you dim sum because y'all are going to be busy making Asian food great again during quarantine season.

Staff Writer

In this new Corona-infested world we are currently living in, restaurants have been trying to be creative to guarantee their survival, along with maintaining the safety of their customers and employees. A lot of these restaurants have resorted to launching frozen food products so customers can still enjoy their fav eateries from the comfort of their own home. We've had almost all cuisines...except Asian. This is where Wok & Walk comes to save the day. 

The popular Asian joint decided to launch Quick Rolls, their new sister company that is responsible for everything frozen. "We've started working on Quick Rolls about seven months ago to make sure that people can make spring rolls and dumplings anytime, anywhere," Hussein Garawany, one of the founders of Wok & Walk, tells us. "You can order them via delivery or pop by any of our branches to get Quick Rolls products."

They currently have spring rolls (vegetables and chicken), Indian samosas and chicken dumplings. If that doesn't elevate your quarantine, we don't know what will because we're pretty damn sure that you're bored of making dem frozen chicken panes by now.


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