Traverse the colourful terrain of Italian cuisine at Caffe Casa’s Citystars storefront. They said rustic Italian countryside vibes but make it chic…and family-friendly, of course. This newly-opened branch is the first of a series of joints that are gonna be popping up around Egypt, spreading the joy of authentic Italian cuisine all over the country. 

This particular branch is serving up sizzling hot, oven-fired pizza and decadent pasta creations straight from an Italian cookbook. The food here is savoury, filling and made with tons of experience (and mozzarella cheese). No, but in all seriousness their pizzas have the most delectable textures with a perfectly charred flaky crust—perfect for our kersh. 

The interior is a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns with vibrant upholstered chairs and stunning marble-like kitchenware. This restaurant isn’t just for scarfing down massive pizzas and twirling up forks of creamy fettuccine. It’s also a coffee shop—kind of like the best kind of Italian hybrid. Yummy espresso, on-the-spot made gelato AND delicious plates of Italian food made the authentic way.   

Come for the carefully prepared menu, stay for the delicious drinks, unique desserts and hand-crafted pizzas and pastas.