Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Stop What You’re Doing Because ‘On the Rocks’ Has Released An Alcoholic Ice Cream Mix for a Chill AF Summer

On The Rocks is coming through with an incredible new invention that allows you to turn your favourite cocktails into ice cream right from your home!

Staff Writer

Ok, so if our headline grabbed your attention then we’re pretty sure you’re because a) you like ice cream and b) you like alcohol, so if you belong in both those categories, hold the phone because Jordan-born artisanal alcoholic dessert brand On the Rocks have done the (Mix) Impossible and created their very own alcoholic ice cream mix. You may have heard that alcohol and – in this case – spirits can’t be frozen, but ‘On the Rocks’ has – after intense research and development – invented a mix that allows you to create creamy, decadent, delicious (and most importantly boozy) ice cream right from your home.

“We did this because we wanted to create something that’s of world-class quality,” commented Shireen Dabbas, founder of On The Rocks, “Alcoholic ice cream is something that’s not available worldwide in mainstream form, so we decided to sell it in Jordan and now introduce it to the Egyptian market.

Available in three flavours (vanilla, chocolate and caramel), you can pretty much make any of your favourite cocktails in ice cream form. For example, you can make a pina colada Piña Colada ice cream by combining Mix:Impossible’s vanilla mix with rum (or the alcohol of your choice), coconut milk, pineapple juice and the optional pineapple pieces or dried coconut. You could also use their chocolate mix to make Black Forest ice cream or chocolate and wine, or Baileys or Tiramusu ice cream using their caramel max(where do we sign up?) You can check out their blog at for a full list of recipes and ways you can use their mixes to make yummy af boozy ice cream.

“When you drink a normal cocktail, you enjoy the heat of it, but sometimes that can be problematic when the weather is hot and its takes away from the drink’s coolness”, added Dabbas, “With alcoholic ice cream, it’s the same coolness while still feeling the kick of the alcohol. It’s an experience to want to indulging in trying all the new flavours, and see how you can make your favourite cocktails into an ice cream.”

On The Rocks also make a wide range of alcoholic chocolate using Baileys, Wine Malibu and many more boozy options, and will be launching a special alcoholic frappe mix soon. The brand also plan to open physical stores, but right now you can order online or check out their incredible recipes (available on their block) by clicking here.



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