We’ll make this quick because we have some babka we need to urgently stuff our faces with. A new micro bakery has opened up in the heart of town and we’re seriously all about it. Takumi and Co. is an artisanal bakery that sends out their goodies just once a week— in other words, its limited edition. 

But oh is it worth it. From babkas, focaccia, cookie dough, sourdough breads, they’ve really got the whole Pinterest feed down. Every Tuesday morning, this micro shop sends out all their weekly orders to hungry Cairenes over town. One look at their feed and you’ll understand exactly why. Their gorgeous creations look fluffy, decadent, and masterfully crafted— something pictures just can’t recreate. 

They’ve got a pretty limited menu, but it's one where we kind of want to order everything on it anyways. Go see for yourself on their Instagram and make your order.