Here at SceneEats, we’re not only dedicated to bring you the latest food on offer all across Egypt, but we also make it a point to present acquired – and sometimes controversial – tastes. The fact that you can now get deer meat in Tanta is no exception. Famed Tanta-based Kebab House ‘Kabab Ozzi’ is mixing things up with its latest announcement that it now serves Venison. If you didn’t grow up binge-watching Masterchef, Venison used to mean any meat belonging to game animals, but not almost exclusively refers to deer meat. The spot make venison tawagen, steak, mandy, venison chops and roast venison.

Venison is enjoyed in many countries across the world, and has been compared to beef, but much leaner and featuring a finer texture. It can often be incorporated as part of a healthy diet, because of its lowfat content.

You can find ‘Kabab Ozzi’ at the intersection of Hassan Radwan and Mohamed Farid Streets, Tanta with delivery available via +2 015 5801 4480.

You can also check out our article on where to buy venison, camel and ostrich in Egypt here. Have you ever tried deer meat? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!