For those of us trying to be the best doggo parents we could ever possibly be – but sadly mostly basing our dogs’ meal plans from random pet websites online and never really knowing for 100% sure what exactly they need to it an how much of it they should be eating, this brand’s got our backs. The Fresh Pack is a brand new Egyptian brand that does all of that for you. Following a consultation session to find out more details about your dog and his/her needs, Fresh Pack – after consulting a certified vet - determine the ideal calorie count and balance of carbs, proteins and vegetables based on multiple factors like your dog’s weight, gender, breed, activity level and more. This entire process is in accordance with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) dog nutrition recommendations.

To make the meals – which differ depending on if you’re feeding a dog or a puppy – The Fresh Pack uses high quality fresh ingredients that would even be safe for human consumption. Some ingredients include liver, chicken, beef, fish for protein; sweet potato, potato or rice for carbs, and peas, green beans, pumpkin, carrots and zucchini for veggies.

“Most dog-owners that each dog has different dietary and nutritional needs,” says Ahmed Hussein, The Fresh Pack founder. “Our brand is trying to change this misconception. What’s more, dogs need to eat healthy, balanced meals, not just protein, and a lot of people end up feeding their dogs too much protein and that’s where we come in.”

The Fresh Pack create different meal types such as the Shiny pack – which focuses on making the dog’s skin and fur healthier, while the Immunity pack which strengthens doggos immunity. The brand also have created a powder vitamin formula which you can mix in with the dog food.

With The Fresh Pack, you can either order meals individually or subscribe monthly for the meals, which are delivered straight to your door. You can order via Instagram DM on @thefreshpackegypt.