Last year proved to us that nothing will ever be the same again -- all thanks to Miss Rona, or any of her many different nicknames (our fav is MacaRONA), running amok everywhere and just making our lives very miserable. For example, the concept of events has vanished completely. What are events? Do we know her? Nope. Not anymore. Well, this is where Marriott Mena House, Cairo comes in to bring their iconic everything to the venue of your choice to make sure that you don't have to live 2021 the same way you lived 2020.

Having an intimate birthday party at home? Quality time with your co-workers? What about a wedding? The hotel's latest service, Outside Catering, will pull all the stops to make sure your celebration becomes extraordinary and gastronomical. Expect their fully equipped team to arrive at whatever destination you asked them to set up live cooking stations of all kinds from Middle Eastern and Indian to international food and so much more. Pasta stations? What about a Parmesan wheel? Shawerma corner? How do you feel about a carving station? Indian food? A wedding cake? To put it simply, the food limit will not exist because whatever your culinary needs desire, they will, indeed, get what they want. Oh, and all of the aforementioned things (and more) will obvs also be Instagrammable.

During these hard times, think of Marriott Mena House, Cairo as the saviour of all those events that might not have been. All you need to do is give 02 33 77 3222 a call to sort it all out. If phone call anxiety is a thing, however, get your a) friend to call them for you, duuh. b) head to their website by clicking here. c) follow their Facebook or Instagram for more info.