Just in time for Christmas nomnoms, Cairo has a new pie shop in town. It’s called The Pie Shop (shocking, we know). But what they lack in title, they make up for in flavour.

They make both sweet and savoury pies, so you’re prepped for any occasion whether it is a full-course dinner or a light brunch gathering. Their menu includes a huge pie variety including apple, peach, walnut, banoffee, chicken pot pie, spinach and mozzarella quiche, or tomato, zucchini, and caramelised onion galette.

The virtual shop hasn’t been around for long, launching just seven weeks ago, but have already amassed a loyal audience. The Pie Shop delivers your pies within just 24 hours of your order. Stake your claim, or slice, and order through their WhatsApp service on +2 0109 914 5753.