To many of us, 3asal w tehina (aka molasses and honey, aka one of the best food inventions in Egyptian culinary history) brings back memories of late night spent, sleeves rolled up, with a hot loaf of balady bread and digging right in. A new brand called ‘Zazio’ decided to amp up the game by making ready-made 3asal w tehina straight outta the bottle, totally making what’s remaining of 2020. 

Because it doesn’t discriminate ‘Zazio’ makes savoury as well as sweet sauces. Its range includes: caramel sauce, regular and spicy hummus tahini (pro tip: use it on shawarma), hot mustard and classics like barbecue and mayonnaise, in squeezable bottles (because no one has time for non-efficiency in 2020). 

To peruse their options and place your order, DM @zazioegypt on Instagram.