Saturday July 13th, 2024
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This Brand Is Cairo’s Newest Spot Serving Boba Tea Realness

Did someone say there's boba in New Cairo???

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You’ve probably seen people obsessing over bubble tea, or boba tea, on social media, but you never quite understood what it actually was, or where to get it from. The pretty drink that looks like it only exists for Instagram purposes originally comes from Taiwan, and it features a base made from tea, milk, and chewy pearls at the bottom of the cup. The pearls are called boba, and they’re actually balls of tapioca – a starch extracted from cassava root that’s naturally gluten-free. Bubble tea is usually a cold drink, but if you’re feeling rebellious you can have it hot. We wouldn’t necessarily encourage that though.

Now that you know what this drink actually is, let’s talk about this new joint that serves them. Boba Bear 

is a new adorbz shop that makes bubble tea and coffee, and that’s that. We’re not here to talk about their coffee tho because basic, we’re here to talk about their boba and how it comes in many different flavours; from strawberry to chocolate, Matcha green tea to caramel, iced tea and so much more.

There’s no specific time to have boba tea because, quite frankly, anytime is perfect for boba tea. Basically, make sure to pop by Boba Bear the next time you’re in New Cairo. You’ll find them at the Arabica Coffee Cart.


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