Okay so, it's not really news that airports all over the globe are suspending flights because it's common knowledge by, like, now. This means that no one comes in and no one goes out of most countries; that includes Om El Donia. So, this brings us to the fact that some people are stuck all the way over there while their families are stuck all the way over here, and with the whole self-quarantine thing going on, you can see how this could all be at the least bit...stressful. But, every cloud has a silver lining, and Feteera is the name of today's silver lining. 

Feteera knows that some of y'all are living abroad while your folks are here. So, they've decided to help you take care of your loved ones and if you have elder family members who live alone, Feteera will deliver whatever they need or want, straight to their place and free of charge. So, you maybe further than you would like to be. But you're gonna know that someone is going to be looking after and helping out with your old folks. Because if you ask us, just knowing that our grandparents won't have to stroll down in middle of a pandemic to get a pastrami feteera is enough to make us breath out in a sigh of relief. 

Check out Feteera's Instagram for more info, or call 16287 to order.