Sunday June 16th, 2024
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This Online Bakery Makes Bread Baskets That Are Just Perfectly Splendid

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s Bakelyn.

Staff Writer

Who even cares if carbs are, like, bad for you anymore? We barely survived 2020 and we’re very unsure about how we feel about 2021, so we’re going to stuff our faces with bread if we want to whether you like it or not. 

Enter Bakelyn, an online bakery that we’re happy doesn’t exist IRL because we’d be there non-stop nomnomnoming on their goodies. “My grandma was obsessed with baking all kinds of stuff and making me try it,” Mayar Sherif, the founder of the brand, explains. “Bakelyn is basically just like that. We bake different types of bread so our customers can have this wondrous bread mix you don’t usually find at other bakeries.”

This cute bakery focused on French baguettes when they first launched which was a hit, but now make all other types of bread -- from rolls to sourdough, etc. Oh, and they also make it dairy-free, gluten-free and anything free should any customer have specific allergies or just doesn’t want a specific thing in their bread.

Our fave items, however, are their itsy bitsy honey and butter rolls. They’re small enough to eat in one bite but big enough to slowly enjoy. They also come in an adorbs bread basket that’ll be perfect for a cheese-platter game night. Men el akher, you now know what to bring to your next dish party. You’re welcome.


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