Heavenly, creamy and delicate are all perfect words to describe what burrata is to us. The soft fresh Italian cheese is basically what dreams are made of, and once tried, it will leave you with little doubt as to why it is crowned the queen of Italian cheeses. But we're not exactly here to give you a crash course on burrata, we're here to talk about ElMazr3a's latest creation that's making us drool and gasp at the same time. 

Yesterday, the online farmers market launched their Strawberry Buratta to the world, and Om El Donia hasn't been the same since. And yes, you read that right. It's a burrata filled with strawberry that has been scientifically proven (by us) to improve anyone's life by 175%. 

"We here at ElMazr3a are all food innovation, which is why we constantly experiment with all kinds of stuff," Omar El-Etriby, Founder of ElMazr3a, tells us. "We never would have known that burrata cheese and strawberries would ever be this perfect of a match but they were. I, personally, am a fan of cheese and desserts, and our latest product epitomizes these two things in one." 

ElMazr3a deliver to anywhere in Cairo from Mondays to Fridays, and Wednesdays to Alexandria.

You can order dem bad boys via 01206073333 where they operate from 9 am until 5 pm, or visit their website to see their full range of items -- from grade A premium produce to high-quality artisanal products and more.