If your nighttime ‘staring at the ceiling’ reflections are tainted with visions of what it would be like perusing Tokyo’s streets then perhaps this quaint eatery in Korba can help draw you closer to the geographical phantasms.

In the make-shift dreams stuttering one to sleep on a nightly basis, the scenic images of Tokyo boast neon lights, billboards and a concrete jungle reminiscent of the go-getter mentalities provacated in rap and pop songs alike. However, contrary to the cityscapes envisioned, Korba’s Tokyo Restaurant unfolds a more demure and cozy atmosphere.

With dark interiors and refined delicacies, the restaurant beckons visitors to embark on a culinary journey lined with gold-plated cutlery and freshly baked bao. Think avocado and smoked salmon salads laying on a bed of ice followed by crisply-grilled ‘Black Cod Misoyaki’. Indulge in platefuls of ‘Tuna Maki’, and dive (chopsticks first) into their ‘Painter’s Plate’ - a selection of sushi tailored to the sashimi connaisseurs of our time. Subsequent to inhaling your main course order, satiate sweet cravings with a matcha dipped cheesecake and herbal tea to taste.