Flowers aren't enough in today's day and age if you want to impress someone - like, really impress someone. What you need to do is take functional and/or edible items and arrange them as if they are flowers, obviously.

We’ve tried this to little avail. For example, our ma7shi kromb, delicately decorated in a spiral formation on cheesecloth, was received with disgust and confusion by this writer’s partner. The beautiful posy we created from kofta, it turns out, was a horrible Mother's Day gift, not least because we ate most of it before ceding the gift, with the tehina dressing marking the pathway from the front-door. 

Now, finally, FINALLY, someone has figured out the perfect functional-edible item to arrange as in a beautiful bouquet. That item in question is the strawberry, and that someone is Very Berry Cairo. They create beautiful orchestras of the delicious red fruit covered in a whole cacophony of chocolate, colors and sprinkles inside a variety of boxes and bouquets, all of which essentially say, I love you (but also let's eat). Can you think of anything more romantic/impressive?

If you would like to order an edible bouquet you can DM @VeryBerry.Cairo directly

Alternatively, if you would like our recipe for kofta and tehina flower arrangement then here it is:

-Get 2 meters of tin-foil

-Cook 25 koftas (ask your mum to make them)

-However much tehina you like

-Put the kofta and the tehina on one part of the tin-foil and then roll it till it looks like a bouquet (it will never look like a bouquet)