It’s that time of the year where we’re met with food, food, and more food, everywhere we look. Yep, Ramadan. Should you go for an extra piece of Tante Samia’s Macarona Bechamel or save room for this year’s newest Kunafa concoction? It’s confusing… we know. Life is hard. That’s why we went to Cairo’smost popular foodies for advice, as they share their favourite Ramadan dishes. And you know if a foodie likes something, it's legit.

Foodie TherapyyyShish Tawook 

Cairo Foodie CoupleRokak 

Dina In The Kitchen: Roasted Chicken with Molokheya and Rice

 Ramy Soli: Tex-Mex Goulash 

Omar's FoodTroufa Chocolate Baklava

Cairo LoopRoz M3amar 

A Cook StoryMousaka 

FoodmedableWafflecicious Ramadan Waffles

ElFoodette NehalBeid Bel Basterma


The FoodaholicChicken Fatteh 

The Wandering DuoCheese Samosas 

What's your favourite Ramadan dish?