Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Hameed Adds Smashed Burger Egg Sandwiches to Their Ramadan Menu

Some thoughts are best left unexpressed. Not this one though.

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Beloved readers, it’s me again. Your Fatafeet. Today’s creation requires immediate attention – let’s cut to the chase.

On a weeks-in-the-making uni friend group suhoor reunion, I was whisked to New Cairo’s Hameed. My first thoughts were, “Burgers for suhoor? The kids are wilding but OK I guess.” Little did I know, the reality of the situation was much more dire.

It seems as though - now that the smashed burger is no longer a new concoction on the ever-renewing culinary streets of Cairo - designated cool kid burger suppliers had to amp up their game with concoctions that sound simply heinous. Hameed created smashed burger scrambled eggs…for suhoor…yeah.

Reluctantly and entirely for journalistic purposes, I stood in front of the cashier and asked for a smashed burger scrambled eggs sandwich (I dare you to say that 10 times fast) and awaited my fate. My friends, having apparently tried it before, did not seem to share my terror. It felt like I was the only sane person there.

Upon the sandwich’s golden, brioche-y arrival, I began to feel the wafting goodness of it alter my brain chemistry. What was this cult I was being recruited into? A few bites in, I was even more swayed. The burger added a pastrami-esque edge to the eggs that was reminiscent of Friday mornings at my family home.

The brioche added a sweet edge to the meal and made it even more filling. I could hardly finish my queso fries. I could not believe how wrong I was about this invention. Could it be that Hameed actually gave this culinary thought instead of just creating blasphemy for attention?  After yet another episode of our food brigades, the culinary integrity of Egyptian dining remains intact.

Brimming with love (and food), Fatafeet El-Share’.


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