Quenching the thirst that follows weekends on end of takeout can at times feel like summiting a sodium-ridden, sugar-encased mountain. There’s the initial hike that consists of an omlette of sorts, followed by a practice round involving bitter inky tea; eventuating in the final stride - a green smoothie (excuse the blasphemé).

Located in the heart of Waterway’s ‘The Drive’, ‘Copa Açai’ takes that level of agonising health gymnastics and morphs it into an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Subsequent to a trip to Brazil and armed with cultural enlightenment, Ahmed El Leithy, CEO and co-founder, brought the traditional delicacy back to Cairo.

Fitted with giant mirrors and abstract interiors, the brightly coloured establishment toggles between a health hub and an Instagrammable café. “Each bowl is unique, because so are you,” co-founder Hana Elleithy tells SceneEats. “Part of our staff’s training is to be creative with the bowl’s preparation. We treat our bowls like masterpieces. You and I could go in, and order the same thing, and our bowls would always come out very different. You could even come for a month, and every single day, and you’d have a different bowl.”

With three different sized options, and a plethora of topping options, ‘Copa Açai’ is where you go when your cravings extend far beyond sharply cut fruit slices and instead beckons creamy sauces and crunchy add-ons. If the influx of choice leaves you hesitant, simply spin their in-house toppings wheel, and pick your fighters. That being said, the Brazilian hotspot also ensures no bite is ever lacklustre by layering the Açai in a vertical cup (which also enables you to watch the food destruction real time, you’re welcome).

To try their delightful and healthy creations, give them a visit at the Drive by the Waterway and check out their Instagram page @copa.acai for updates.