From the delightfully bizarre to the downright outrageous, these ten custom cakes crafted by Egypt's Devour take food art to the next level.

Mandi Cake

This cake was made by a customer for her very refined fiancé who adores mandi.

Burger Cake

The burger cake is pretty self explanatory, it was made for a junk food addict.

Egyptian Dinner Cake

This cake was made by a customer for her little sister who's obsessed with Egyptian cuisine, she put it on their Ramadan sufra.

Roasted Duck  Cake

This cake was made for a customer's husband who is an expert in duck cooking.

Fruit Basket Cake

This cake was made for a health nut because gym cakes are so 2018.

Ice Cream Tub Cake

Made for  Baskin Robins ice cream addict. Devour declined to answer on whether this is any healthier than actual ice cream.


McNugget Cake

The McNugget cake was made for an athlete who quit McDonald's nuggets after ordering them almost every night.


Sandwich Cake

This cake was made for a very thin lady who lives in large smoked turkey sandwiches and never gains any weight!

Sushi Mini Cupcakes

These mini-cakes were made for a teenager who hates cake but loves sushi.

You can check out Devour on Facebook to learn more about their cakes.