We were just minding our own business scrolling through Instagram, because we're always obvs very productive at the office, when we came across a very interesting profile by the name of Kitchen Zifta. After going all Nancy Drew on the account, we've discovered that it's solely devoted to point out everything that is wrong with the marketing of food on Egypt's social media. 

We found them (we're not going to assume Zifta is a her because it's 2019) to be very straightforward. They address the problems head on, sparing no one. From menu typos to hideous pictures of burgers, and basically all the things you'll wish you would stop seeing on the interwebz. To put it simply, they're Om El Donia's food police that we don't deserve but need. 

The sassy captions and witty remarks are what makes following the account very special, commenting on things that cannot be unseen or unread. Kitchen Zifta has successfully mastered the art of sarcasm and has utilized it for defending the honour of everything that is food in the Egyptian kingdom. We here at SceneEats believe that customers deserve to be served food that is properly presented, and not to be mislead online, and we think that's what Kitchen Zifta is trying to do, in their own way that is...

Head to their Instagram for a good laugh.