Whether you’re looking for some basic groceries or looking to embrace your inner chef by making a fancy dinner using bougie ingredients, Gourmet has got your back (or kersh). They also have a super varied selection of frozen food, and not to mention their incredible deli items and cheese platters. 

Location: Online and phone delivery only

Where they deliver: Stella, Diplo and Hacienda

Phone: 19339

Super Deli

You can always trust this shop to comethru with their range of high quality ingredients and selection of cheeses, seafood, along with all the Asian and Italian ingredients you can ever dream of. They also sell Stavolta Gelato for that perfect beach selfie. 

Location: Online and phone delivery only

Where they deliver: All across Sahel

Phone: +2 012 1076 5555



Needing no introduction, the king of fast food, Mickey D's, is - as always - delivering in the North Coast this summer. Pro tip: Dip your fries in their Vanilla Sundae. It's a gamechanger. You're welcs. 

Location: Marina 1, 2, 3 and 4, Porto Marina, Diplo 2, Zahraan Al-Narges, Ghazal Al-Dabaa

Where they deliver: All across Sahel

Phone: 19991


The childhood fave fried chicken spot will be right by your side on the beach this summer, courtesy of our fave Colonel Sanders. 

Location: Diplo 2 and 3, Marakia, Diamond Beach, Marina 1, 2 and 4, and Sidi Krayr

Where they deliver: All across Sahel

Phone: 19019


This kween never disappoints with her delicious curly fries and Mushroom N’ Swiss – a couple we will forever ship. Don't forget the cheese sauce aka "cup cheddar" for the ultimate curly fries-dipping experience. 

Location: Diplo 2 and 3, Marassi, Marina 4 and Amwaj

Where they deliver: Diplo 2 and 3, Marassi, Marina 4, Amwaj and the surrounding areas

Phone: 19066

Pizza Hut

There are only three types of people in the world: people who eat stuffed crust (yaas), pan (why?) or those who prefer thin crust (WHY???) and you can order any (or all) in Sahel this summer.

Location: KM 129, Alex Matrouh Desert Rd, Sidi Abdel-Rahman-Inside Borium Mall, Diplo 2 and 3, Marina 2 and 4 (opposite Diamond beach) and Sidi Krayr

Where they deliver: Marina and its surrounding area

Phone: 19000

BRGR Truck

Everyone's number one burger truck is here to make sure your burger dreams do, indeed, come true. We know we also just said that this is, like a burger spot and this definitely not the dessert section of this listicle, but do yourself a favour and order their Lotus mini pancakes because they're out of this world. 

Location: Diplo 3

Where they deliver: Diplo 3

Phone: +2 012 2762 5188

Buffalo Burger

Buffalo Burger are coming @ you with their mammoth menu this year as the perfect accompaniment to your tan sesh. If you're hoping to maintain your keto goals this summer, Buffalo Burger have this delish lettuce wrap versions of their burgers, including their legendary 'Bacon Mushroom Jack' burger. 

Location: Rivette

Where they deliver: Inside Rivette between 11 am and 3 am

Phone: 19914


If you’re a fan of roast beef, fried chicken, or a good old loaded baked potato, Arby’s has got your bellies' best interest this summer, and we're eternally grateful for it. 

Location: Marina 4, Marassi

Where they deliver: Marina 4, Marassi

Phone: 19337


This Swedish joint boasts a diverse menu of beef and chicken burgers, and if you're a vegetarian, MAX also got you covered with their selection of halloumi burgers. Yes, we just said halloumi burgers!

Location: Marassi, Marina 4

Where they deliver: Marassi, Marina 4

Phone: 19065

The Roof Fries

A potato is the perfect food. Gorgeous in all its forms, be it hash browns, puree, or fries. There’s even a wise life saying about the potato: fries before guys. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we ship any food joint catered solely to this divine root veggie. Such is the case with The Roof Fries, the new fried potato joint with locations in Sahel and New Cairo. 

Location: Almaza, Amwaj

Where they deliver: Almaza, Amwaj 

Phone: Only available via social media



Hold the phone because Andrea is finally delivering their delish selection of grilled food and bomb-ass side dishes to Sahel. Their grilled seman (quail ya3ny) and grilled chicken are staples not to be missed tbh. 

Location: Stella Walk, Sidi Abd El Rahman

Where they deliver: Telal to Marina 5

Phone: +2 010 1999 7702


ZaZa sells super yummy Middle Eastern dishes, from tawagen to sojouk, to shawarma and kunafa. In other words, the Arab limit does not exist, y'all.

Location: Stella walk and Sidi Abdel Rahman

Where they deliver: Between Hacienda and Telal

Phone: +2 011 1555 8268


Nothing’s quite like the treasured Sahel tradition of eating feteer on the beach, so we were pretty psyched to hear they’re delivering this summer. They also deliver semi-cooked feteer rolls so you can have it fresh out of the oven.

Location: Spinney’s Amwaj

Where they deliver: Between Telal and Hacienda

Phone: 16287

Desoky & Soda

The iconic D&S are delivering diverse authentic street food, as well as their yummy creations such as their iconic pasta forn with sogo2 and kabab 7ala pasta. As always, we stan tawagen!

Location: Marassi M-Porium

Where they deliver: Between Bo Islands to Ghazala Bay

Phone: 19128


This restaurant serves mixed grill realness, as well as grilled chicken, quails and 7amam ma7shy that could even compete with your teta's cooking. Sorry, Teta.

Location: Amwaj

Where they deliver: Ghazala to Marassi

Phone: +2 012 8155 5551


Be Good to You

The totes healthy restaurant - that's always good to us (get it?) is available to deliver their selection of Instagrammable and guilt-free food all summer. Don't miss their Chicken Panang Red Curry and their superfood bowls, as well as their gluten-free pancakes for all the health kweens out there. 

Location: Hacienda White

Where they deliver: Hacienda White

Phone: +2 012 8085 0607


The royals of "make-your-own-sandwich" stations are delivering throughout the summer by the sea. They will also be serving yummy muffins, Insta-perfect cookies and their legendary pain au chocolat!

Location: Diplo 3

Where they deliver: Diplo 3

Phone: 16679


If you're trying to live your best life but also maintain your bod goals, this spot delivers healthy baked goods and snacks such as quinoa buns. They also have a keto and gluten-free menu for all of you that need exactly that. Nousha are proving that healthy-eating and treating yourself aren't mutually exclusive, and we're down with it. 

Location: Online-only

Where they deliver: From Alexandria up to Telal 

Phone: Only available via social media



The home of the iconic shrimp kunafa and chocolate fondant, Crave never let us down with their insanely diverse, creative menu and thankfully, you can enjoy it right from the comfort of your beach house! 

Location: Marassi

Where they deliver: Marassi and its surrounding area

Phone: 16788

Sachi by the Sea


This year, Sachi have designed a brand new catering menu for this Sahel season with appetisers, beef tataki, tuna tartare, tacos salads and more, so gather your fam - while maintaining social distance goals - and channel your inner dinner party host!

Location: Hacienda

Where they deliver: Hacienda, Hacienda White and Hacienda Palm Hills

Phone: +2 012 0726 6005

Il Divino Pizzeria

This pizza joint will help you live your ultimate dolce vita fantasies by the bay. Keep it locked to their social media because they’re launching their Sahel delivery service for the summer this week. You can also get their frozen pizzas from Superfoods so you can say you (kinda, not really) made it yourself. 

Location: Online and phone delivery only

Where they deliver: All across Sahel

Phone: 16685


Topaz serve a bunch of international dishes such as veal parmesan, stuffed chicken, pizzas and even some Middle Eastern classics like kofta and mahshy, and tbh, we stan this intercontinental representation.

Location: Diplo 3

Where they deliver: Diplo 3

Phone: +2 010 0026 2030


Fish Market

They say the best seafood is eaten - duh - by the sea and this go-to restaurant will come through when you're craving the quintessential seafood feast, so roll up your sleeves and dive into an OG aklet samak ya3ny!

Location: Marina

Where they deliver: Marina and Sidi Abdel-Rahman

Phone: 16770

Mori Sushi

There's a reason why Mori is the undisputed sushi and sashimi king/queen/royal of Egypt for the past 13 years. We need not say more tbh.

Location: Marassi, Hacienda Red

Where they deliver: Marassi, Hacienda Red

Telephone: +2 0122 473 3377

Souq El Samak

This restaurant can be described in two words: phosphorus overload. In other words, if you want an aklet samak, this is the place to order from!

Location: Al Fayrouz

Where they deliver: Al Fayrouz

Telephone +2 0155 555 2560



This dessert spot is known for their delish banana cream tart aka Banija Crackers and Coffee and Mars Tarts (yum). They also make customised cakes, perf for your summer birthday buddies (that you probz won't see because a) CORONA. b) you'll get Delight to send it via delivery. c) see point a) and b).). 

Location: Ballah, Diplo 3 and Marina 5

Where they deliver: All across Sahel

Phone: 16469

The Batter Half & Co


The Cairo fave dessert spot made a name for themselves because of their irresistible cakes and cake pops, and not to mention their effing delectable Orange Blossom and Halawa macrons. You heard it here first. 

Location: La Corte Mall, Hacienda

Where they deliver: Between Marassi and Telal

Phone: +2 010 2466 6724

Sous Chef by Cherry

For the perf stay-in-and-bake night, Sous Chef don’t disappoint with their wide collection of brownie, cookie, pumpkin spice pancake and even pizza doughs with baking instructions.

Location: Online

Where they deliver: All across Sahel

Phone: +2 012 0607 3333

Cake Cafe

Marie Antoinette is famed for once saying “let them eat cake”, and thanks to Cake Cafe, you can eat all the cake you want (because vacation calories don't count, we're not judging). Try their Red Velvet or delish Cherry Vanilla cake!

Location: Hacienda White

Where they deliver: Hacienda White

Phone: +2 010 3200 8666


Y'all probably think desserts are, like, bad for you and stuff. We're here to tell you otherwise, at least not handcrafted popsicles. They are not the enemy. Why, you ask? Because, believe it or not, they are actually very, very good for you. All of Popcity's products are healthy and fresh and vegan. Oh, and their calories ranges between 55-90.

Location: Hacienda 

Where they deliver: Hacienda 

Phone: +2 010 6620 0060



Nothing quite beats a glass (or ten) of wine while overlooking the sea, does it? OG alcohol shop Drinkies are offering their wide selection of beers, wines and spirits to level up your beach experience.

Location: Marakya, Marbella and Marina 1

Where they deliver: All across Sahel

Phone: 19330


Besides delivering your fave alcoholic beverage, Cheers are taking it to an elevated level this summer this summer in Sahel by also having cigarettes and nuts in their stock.

Location: Phone orders only

Where they deliver: All across Sahel

Phone: 19131