It's your best friend's birthday, you want to get them a beautiful cake but you're unsure whether it's going to be the same old Rainbow Cake from La Poire that you get every year or you maybe, just maybe, want to try something new. The problem here lies in the fact that you don't know what that 'something new' is, but that's why we're here to save you. We give you birthday cake alternatives that might just tickle your fancy.

Shrimp Cake from Ta2ta2 // New Cairo, Maadi, Sheikh Zayed

Holy shrimp! This grilled shrimp tower by Ta2ta2 has four layers densely packed with shrimp to feed you, everyone else, and make you the most popular person at the birthday dinner!

Phone: 16380

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Burger Cake from Brooklyn // Nasr City, New Cairo 

This enormous burger cake is consists of one kilogram of meat (beef or chicken), topped with four different toppings. Sorry, but this trumps your basic bday cake any day of the week!

Phone: +2 0122 414 1990

Address: Midtown Mall (New Cairo) and Tivoli Plaza (Nasr City) 

Salmon Cake from Sedra // New Cairo, Heliopolis, 6th of October

We love salmon, we love cake, so there is no reason this gorj Salmon Cake should not be an instant hit! With an interior filled with layers of toast and salmon, topped with cream, this cake is definitely one to try!

Phone: +20 (2) 2690-4160

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Turkey & Roast Beef Cake from Sedra // New Cairo, Heliopolis, 6th of October

Before you get turned away by it’s appearance, understand that this is simply a combination of meat (turkey and roast beef), toast, bell peppers, and cheese cream! If it wasn’t shaped like a cake, you would be eating the most delicious turkey and roast beef sandwich! 

Phone: +20 (2) 2690-4160

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Fried Chicken Tower from Heart Attack // New Cairo, 6th of October, Maadi, Heliopolis, Mukattam, Nasr City

Why get 10 or 20 pieces, when you can get a group of your friends, call Heart Attack and order over 50 pieces of delicious fried chicken in a tower shaped cake! Even better, get it as your wedding cake, it’ll surely please the guests a whole lot more!

Phone: 15428

Address: Branches all over Cairo

Pizza Cake from Vinny’s Pizzeria // Zamalek, Maadi

This pizza cake by Vinny’s Pizzeria is seven whole layers of heaven, filled with melted mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and your favorite filling all the way through!

Phone: 19867

Address: 12 Brazil Street (Zamalek) and 73, 9 Street (Maadi)