When we first realised that places are adding things to their koshary, we tried to turn a blind eye on them, hoping that they would just go away. We always thought of koshary as the perfect dish that should not be tampered with; a staple that found its beauty in its simplicity.

Then came the day when we found it in our hearts to be open to change; we were pretty stubborn we must say. Change is sometimes good, as it turns out.  As Albert Einstein (we think) once said, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." Change is essential. In this case, we found that change resulted in mind-blowing creations, that are for sure going to please our hungry appetites.

Koshary with Shawerma // Kosharina

Koshary and shawarma on the same plate? This will definitely put an end to many unnecessary fights between friends.

Koshary Sandwich // Kosharina

You mean we can now have koshary on the go without getting salsa everywhere?

Koshary with Sausages // Esoo

A delicious street food mishmash that will leave us hung up for a while...

Koshary with Liver // Esoo

It's like hitting two birds with one da2a (vinegar and garlic sauce).

Koshary with Kofta // Esoo

Kofta goes well with rice, pasta and lentils. Imagine how delicious it would be having kofta with all three together!

Koshary with Chicken // Esoo

We don't know how we really feel about this one, but we for sure would give it a try.

Yellow Koshary with Eggs // Tablia Baladi 

What is happening, you guys? How is this a thing? Actually, how has this not been a thing sooner? Eggs with koshary? Yes, please.