Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Cairo's Best 5 Restaurants for Mbakbaka

This dish is what you truly call a mmmbop!

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If you don't know what an mbakbaka is, then today is when your actual life begins. Mbakbaka happens to be Libya's most iconic dish. It is the dish that you make when you don’t have time but want something hearty and delicious. It is the dish you make when you have guests that show up at your door unannounced but want to make them a dish that makes them feel welcomed. It is the dish you make when you run out of fresh produce, but don’t want to make a trip to the grocery. Don't worry, however, we're not going to ask you to make you anything. On the contrary, we're going to tell you the best places where you can devour this one-pot pasta wonder of a dish. 

Legleisah // Sheraton

You can live your best Bedouin life whilst your taste buds travel to Libya and back with their mbakbaka.

Address: Al Sa'qa Street, Sheraton

Phone: +2 0122 533 4431

Al Torath // Nasr City

If you happen to reside in the district of Nasr City, then you absolutely have no excuse to not pop by this spot rn. 

Address: 30 Abd El Hakim El-Refaey Al Manteqah Ath Thamenah, Nasr City

Phone: +2 0103 004 4411

Sobhy Kaber // Shubra

Yes, yes. Sobhy Kaber makes the classic Libyan dish at all of its branches. You just probz didn't know it. You're welcome.

Address: 51 Ebid Street, Shubra

Phone: 16640

Badawya Village // Nasr City

If you've never had mbakbaka ever in your life, this pot from Badawya Village will certainly change that. We mean, like, how can something be this gorj?

Address: Citystars, Nasr City

Phone: +2 0106 777 7114

El Kababgy // New Cairo

This might not be a Libyan restaurant, it's actually Egyptian. However, mbakbaka is so popular that it made its way on their menu...and our listicle for obvs reasons. 

Address: North 90 Street, New Cairo

Phone: +2 0121 212 0700


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