If London’s Kensington and Chelsea were to breed an Éclair bar, it would probably look a little like Sheikh Zayed’s own ChouChou. Tucked away in all its princess glory amongst Arkan’s upscaled gems, the bakery turned exquisite dining hub is reminiscent of those niche cafes that go viral on TikTok simply because they mesh relatively well with most high street summer sundresses (and that Zara bag that has a chokehold on everyone and their mum).

Delivered by the hands of head pastry chef, Cannes native, and French delicacy expert, Joakin Chambon, the bakery actively breathes life into your every flamboyant daydream. Brimming with cream-filled puffs, caramel glazed, and strawberry pound cake-esque eclairs, ChouChou demands you pause all your daily ongoings - wipe that broken iPhone camera clean -  and take a slew of photographs for your finsta fans to indulge in.

If this entire made-up fantasy has not yet convinced you to fully exploit your stay-at-home daughter's life, then perhaps the baby pink interiors can serve as the final push. The bakery itself is akin to attending a tea party with her majesty at Buckingham Palace (but with a modern twist), whereby Adele is an attendee and is spilling the tea (on her personal love life) with Izzy in all her glory.