Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Here Are Literally the Only Places That Have Bao Buns in Egypt

If you’ve wanted to try a stuffed, steamed bun or two then here are your go-tos.

Staff Writer

Bao buns. Pulled beef, chicken, duck, shrimp, all kinds of buns. What are these ‘bao’ buns you ask? Well, listen up. It’s a steamed bun delicacy that is a staple in Asian cuisine, and stuffed to the brim with marinated, spiced, and juicy proteins. The point is, it’s delicious. And it’s in Cairo (but not that widely available) so here are literally the only places that make them.


This bougie Asian fav serves up their iconic bao bun beef brisket, which previously made our list of best dishes at Nairu. This opinion of ours still very much stands.

Yau’s Asian Kitchen

This Sheikh Zayed eatery doesn’t specialise in bao buns but gathers staples from different countries across the continent to make their glorious menu. Bao buns happen to be one of them.


This award-winning eatery serves up steak bao buns with green apple, red pepper relish, spring onion, with a side of potato chips. What was once a street food has suddenly never gotten bougier. 


This Latin eatery in Zamalek has infused their selections with a bit of Asian flair. On their menu is a coriander-infused bao bun chicken slider with smokey BBQ sauce and black mayo.


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