Saturday July 13th, 2024
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The Only Mister You Need to Know About When Wanting Fried Chicken Is Mr. Chicks

Mac n' cheese fried chicken sandwich? Yes, please!

Staff Writer

Hands down, fried chicken is the best food ever made. We can all agree on that. Literally nothing compares to that first bite of the crispy, crunchy coating and piping hot meat. It's one of the easiest and fewest ingredient recipes you can make but it can go horribly wrong so quickly. Mr. Chicks is literally everything fried chicken. They are known to offer the cheapest (yes, one should care about that during these cray cray times) fried chicken sandwiches in all of Egypt, with amazing fresh quality, and also known for making cool new creations using their fried chicken.

Breaded with their secret recipe, Mr. Chicks has incorporated a few “out there” recipes and they were a bang! Starting with their mac n’ cheese and fried chicken sandwich, it's a perfectly fried piece of boneless chicken, laying between two buns and topped with the biggest scoop of creamy cheddar mac n’cheese. 

If you don't feel like going ham, then guess what! You can go a little on the lighter side and get their mini fried chicken sandwiches. The same tastiness, but smaller! And last but not least, calling all meat lovers, their chicken and beef sandwich is a must try. Fried chicken and beef slices all in a sandwich topped with fresh vegetables and drenched in their special homemade sauce.

Located in both Dokki and Zamalek, make sure you bring your loose pants- you’ll need them!


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