We caught wind of a new burger joint opening up on the island, so we naturally hunted it down to know what this new fuss is about. Oh my, or should we say, oh mama because it was a delicious ride. Upon entering O'Mama, we luckily stumbled upon Anthony Hamama, one of the masterminds behind the new brand. He told us the story of how he and three of his friends just believed that "Cairo was lacking in quality smashed burgers and found a need to introduce it to the market." With their passion and love for food and hospitality, they went on a journey to make their dreams come true.

O'Mama delivers premium burgers using only rib-eye steak and a smashing technique that is unique to them. Their juicy burgers are so rich in taste, you could feel the quality of the ingredients with every satisfying bite. Oh, and all that quality doesn't change the fact that their service is as fast as The Flash. So, they don't keep you hungry and they don't keep you waiting. They do, however, keep you happy tho -- especially when they let you add whatever you want to your burger with no extra cost whatsoever. 

O'Mama is planing to keep making their rib-eye burger for as long as the people of Zamalek keep wanting to experience premium quality burgers. That is of course until the reach expands all through the Middle East, Hamama tells us. By this point they'll be sharing their smashed burgers with everyone. Now, while you wait for that to happen, you can find O'Mama at 6th, Ibn El-Nabih Street.  

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