It’s not news that hot girls are often plagued with some sort of chronic disease or the other, but having scary labels like diabetes, PCOS and IBS be a game of ‘tag yourself’ never stopped anyone from having fun - a feat Frida ensures is possible. Dreaming up sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free delights, Frida is an indie heaven/cafe/bakery keeping the city safe from the danger of self-destructive cravings.

Crafting delicious treats like the Mexican tres-leches-but-make-it-plant-based, and the picturesque matcha chocolate cake, Frida has successfully established itself as a plant-based girlie go-to date spot. I mean, who wouldn’t split an absolutely divine, metabolism-stimulating pecan pie with the pecan to their pie?

Because the honey rush is real, it’s good to interrupt your day-use solitary study dates with a savoury treat, like one of Frida’s labneh zaatar wraps or a scrumptious truffle bresaola. That, paired with a cold glass of fresh juice, a delicious vitamin-rich daily greens smoothie or a golden immunity concoction gives even the worst of days a halfway-through jumpstart. You can also spring for the more caffeinated sugar-free Spanish latte - an oddity of the wonders of the conscious eating world. 

You can find Frida’s goodies at B-URN Zamalek or at their booth in Swan Lake New Cairo.