All over Pinterest and Instagram, it’s way too often that we go past these posts that make you feel like everyone in the world and their mother have suddenly become Michelen star chefs except you. Whether it’s how good the food looks, presentation or finesse, it’s hard to know if it’s just you who’s clueless, if there are others like you, if you’re adulting properly or whether or not everybody’s just faking it online. Taking you one step closer to your #InstaChef grid goals is Zealous, a new spot that sends ready-to-cook burgers right to your home, along with toppings, condiments and easy step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

With Zealous, you have the choice of two types of burgers: their old school signature patty – with nothing added to it but salt and pepper – or their Zealous recipe, using their secret spice mix for those hoping to be a little bit more adventurous with their burgers. Along with the burgers, you get burger buns, pickles, tomatoes, iceburg lettuce, onions,cheese and jalapenos, in addition to three different types of sauces (their signature ‘old school sauce’, white kick [ranch] and smoky barbeque).

“What really sets us apart from other brands is our top, fresh quality,” founder Loay Moharram tells Scene Eats, “We only use 100% local beef, everything is made fresh on the same day of delivery, and our instructions are super easy to follow.”

To place your order, DM Zealous on Instagram or order via WhatsApp at +2 010 9038 0560.