So, summer has rolled around again and it’s the season of ice cream, mojitos and freska on the beach – in whichever order, but helping you keep your bod goals in check this summer is ‘Calories’ a health food restaurant and meal subscription service aiming to show everybody and their mama that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring. The restaurant isn’t only targeted towards people who simply want to lose weight, but more so for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and live their best life.

‘Calories’ are working towards providing you with an opportunity to enjoy a meal out while feeling satisfied and light afterwards. They pride themselves in using high quality, fresh ingredients to make balanced meals, all the while providing you with a calorie count next to every dish, to help you keep track. Some of their signature dishes include their salmon salad, Duetto Chicken and Turkey and Cheddar Croissant.

“We are all too familiar with that feeling of going out for a meal, and feeling so full afterwards that you feel like you can’t stand up or even breathe, “’Calories’ founder Mohamed Ezz tells SceneEats. “At ‘Calories’, we want to show everyone that you can enjoy a light, healthy, and most importantly balanced meal outside of your home, using an ethos of healthy fast food.”

For those of you looking to maintain those bod goals for the long haul, ‘Calories’ also provide a special customisable meal subscription service and deliver the meals right to your doorstep. To place your order, call  +2 012 1122 2294.