What’s a formet Sahel? We don’t know her and neither should you tbh. Summer was canceled last year, and if you’re being a socially distanced kween (like we’re assuming you are) then summer 2021 will probably be lowkey as well. This is when we’d like to introduce you to Chocolate Dose, the brand that makes nothing but wack chocolate creations for you to indulge in because, again, summer 2021 and no one cares about your #fitspirational posts.

When we said wack, we weren’t joking because they really are...in the best way there is. From Nutella cheesecakes to M&M cupcakes, Ferrero Rocher tagines, Oreo molten cakes and so much more. If any of the aforementioned things spoke to you in any way, then you need to get your chocolate dose on.

You can find Chocolate Dose in 6th of October and Agouza but, again, you should just call them up for delivery on +2 0120 882 0900 because you’re a socially distanced kween.