Why did the Soviets crumble? Was it because they ate too much cake? Was it because they introduced a multi-party system that slowly but surely triggered it’s demise? Mayhaps. Who knows. All we know is that in the 19th century, a young and plucky Russian chef wanted to woo Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna, he baked a cake with honey and THICC sour cream. Unbeknownst to him, the princess hated honey. But she ate it, fell in love with it and the chef’s head remained intact. The cake in question? The Medovik. A Russian delicacy that was widely popular during the Soviet era.

Now fast forward a couple of centuries, to a time when social distancing isn’t you feeling especially unsocial and just pray your friends cancels plans so you don’t have to, but a method to, you know, save lives. A time when raiding a fridge is less of a quirk and more of a growing concern. That time is now, and what should be in said fridge should be Egyptian bakery Crumble, who are now making the Medovik in four different flavours, including Lotus, caramel and coffee.

You can order yours now by DM-ing Crumble.