Whether you want to admit it or not, sugarcane is Om El Donia's undisputed king of juices. No other juice can compare to asab. It is the country's national drink, but more importantly, it is what Mohamed Ramadan meant when he said "Number One." In this article, I list down all the reasons why sugarcane juice is the absolute best, in case you didn't know that already. 

It's healthy af, it's preservative-free and it's delicious. In other words, 3ala wad3o 

It's very affordable. The biggest asab drink you could ever get will cost you 5 EGP

Did we ever mention how expensive everything is now? Asab doesn't demand much from you. Only 5 EGP, and that's it being extra! 

It is literally served at most places, making it the perfect accessory for a hot summer day (aka right now)

You can mix it with whatever you want and it won't mind. Sobia with asab? Yes. Orange with asab? Why not? *coughs* vodka with asab? Yes, please *coughs*

It will be there for you more than your actual ride or dies. It won't always ask you to drink it from a cup, it will always be understanding and okay if you have it any other way