Our relationship with food can be described as complicated at best. We love to eat, and little can make us as happy as a nice meal, it's just that food doesn’t always love us back. It can hurt us— a lot, and in places we need to sometimes show off in the summer. But all that aside, we still can’t help the way we feel about it. Call it toxic, but we call it loyalty. Especially if there’s a way to enjoy our fav foods without hurting our health, which there now is. Keto Rockets, a local food company, is making ketogenic versions of all our favourite carb-laden foods. Bread, basbousa, cinnamon rolls, petit four, and pizza— it’s a world of options. It’s food that loves us back.

Their menu is hella long, so we won’t put you through the trouble of listing everything here, but just know their variations are hefty. For those of us who find it difficult to stick to a strict diet plan, and whose taste buds can so desperately suffer, keto is a great way to shed some kilos while still eating yummy food. For those of you who don’t know, you can eat as much cheese as you want (we just wanted to put that out there). 

The page sells their products through social media, and aren’t available at any supermarkets as of yet. They’ll get there, though. In the meantime, hit them up for the menu and to order.