Giving us a little bit of heartwarming comfort food, Mama Mona is the piece of alb el om we’re all in need of post-quarantine. Personally for us, we never want to cook again. Which is why we’re over the moon having found this homemade food delivery service that gets nom noms to your door in just two hours. That kind of time frame is usually a fast food sitch. But not Mama Mona, she’s a supermom. 

The delivery service makes literally any and everything in Egyptian cuisine. Hamam mahshi, waraq enab, goulash, mombar, tajines, an entire freaking duck— you name it, she has it. 

Mama Mona has even been raved about by celebs including Mai Kassab, Bousi, and Karam Gaber. They agree she’s a culinary whiz. To order, hit her up on or call 01068285645 to pick, choose, and see what’s on the menu.