Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Mama's New Cereal Will Bring Out Your Inner Cookie Monster

We're not joking, you guys. This is a thing!

Staff Writer

Why cookie cereal has not gone mainstream by now we'll never know. The days over cookie jars and boxes of cookies or over people. When shrunk to tiny chunks the quantity of said cookies enlarges and can then be fully submerged in milk rather than the bite-by-bite dip we're used to. It's basically science.

Homemade Egyptian dessert makers Mama's have created a new line of delish cookie cereal that is currently available for 50 LE online at, The Grocery Shop (Rehab, New Cairo), and Flamingo Hypermarket (New Cairo).

Meanwhile they also currently have a collaboration with Foulard Hijab & More fashion brand where for every two scarves you purchase from them you get a free cookie cereal!


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